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Home » Archives » January 2009 » Kim and Robby ~ The Wedding

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01/26/2009: "Kim and Robby ~ The Wedding"

I have to share this: So, I'm hiding behind a tree trying to finish my Diet Coke as fast as I can before the reception, and I overheard, "He's the greatest, such a nice guy...he's one of my favorite people to be around." And Kim, it was no different with you: all night, besides the obvious compliments about how stunning you looked, I heard people going on and on about how sweet you are; and it's all true. Robby and Kim seem like two of the nicest people you'll ever meet (and your friends and family know how to keep a party going, you guys: after you made your fantastic bubble-filled departure, the dance floor stayed packed! I cannot wait for you to see all those photos).

Robby and Kim had a beautiful wedding at The Sierra Madre Congressional Church performed by Robby's father. This was one the calmest, most organized weddings I have ever attended. Kim and her Bridal Party looked gorgeous (and arrived right on schedule, thanks to The Lunch Salon) and everything from the processional to the departure was seamless. Kim and Robby, it was so hard to narrow these photos down to the 32 that are here and I am having a blast reliving your wedding through the photos that will be on their way to you soon. Thank you for everything (and for the ADORABLE place cards you made for us); it was a wonderful day that seemed to fly by far too quickly.

Kim (194k image)

Kim_1 (150k image)

Kim_2 (184k image)

Kim_3 (189k image)

Kim_4 (283k image)

Kim_6 (203k image)

Kim_5 (137k image)

Kim and Robby chose to see each other before the ceremony, privately. The photos from these moments are so touching.

Kim_7 (178k image)

Kim_8 (241k image)

Kim_9 (193k image)

Kim_10 (92k image)

Kim_12 (207k image)

Kim_13 (233k image)

Kim_14 (151k image)

Kim_15 (139k image)

Kim_16a (154k image)

Kim_17 (98k image)

Kim_18 (173k image)

Kim_19 (161k image)

Kim_20 (216k image)

Kim_21 (214k image)

Kim_22 (229k image)

Kim_23 (290k image)

Kim_24 (282k image)

Kim_25 (218k image)

Kim_26 (175k image)

Kim_27 (201k image)

Kim_28 (148k image)

Kim_29 (169k image)

Kim_30 (207k image)

Kim_31 (144k image)

Kim_32 (202k image)

Kim_33 (205k image)