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Home » Archives » July 2008 » Cate and Jeff Part II

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07/30/2008: "Cate and Jeff Part II"

They had me at Jin Cake. Jin's has a very special place in my heart. I used to go there on Sunday mornings with three of my closest friends to vent, gossip, gush, squeel, and walk down Abbot Kinney for the few hours we could spare from our schedules.

But, seeing the 5 cakes, high tea, and gorgeous chocolates from Jin's that Cate and Jeff served brought it all back, if just for a moment (and the offers of tea and chocolates helped).

This was their second, and official, wedding. I hope that this is what you two envisioned, because to an outsider, it was a beautiful, elegant, personalized, and intimate affair. Every aspect of your wedding seemed to compliment the Elings Park location so well, and your Minister Mia was fabulous, as she was last time (although I'm sure she was much more comfortable in her own clothes as opposed to a wetsuit 300 feet out to sea).

And then, there was THE DRESS. Cate, and her very charming mother Sandy, searched all over the UK for the perfect dress. And after a fruitless search, decided that the only remaining option was to design a dress themselves. Perfect Choice. It was stunning; from the intricate lace design to the delicate beadwork, it was very impressive, you two.

Enjoy your September UK wedding celebration! (Great choice on the invite cover image, BTW).

IMG_1879 (203k image)

IMG_1852 (220k image)

How awesome is it to have your Maid of Honor feed you S'mores while getting your hair done?!?!?!?

IMG_2003 (159k image)

IMG_2036 (207k image)

OK, Even I got a little teary for a second when this came in

IMG_2009 (192k image)

IMG_0036 (288k image)

IMG_0044 (374k image)

IMG_2275 (290k image)

IMG_2304 (260k image)

IMG_2404a (197k image)

IMG_2196 (389k image)

IMG_2514 (267k image)

IMG_2471a (201k image)

For these next three, I took them away from tea and champagne...completely worth it.

IMG_2624 (330k image)

IMG_2602 (246k image)

IMG_2633 (417k image)

IMG_4511a (197k image)

IMG_2685 (232k image)

IMG_2727 (213k image)