Tips & Advice



Pick a pretty hanger for your dress. You’ve spent so much time, money, effort, and emotion in picking the perfect dress; why not complete the picture with the hanger? Something padded and silk, a nice wooden one; or even a personalized hanger cover would look stunning in your pics.


If there’s something that might be out of the ordinary (at my wedding we did personalized candy bags with little facts about us), but super sweet and personal to you…put it on your list.


Drink lots of water before the big day. It reduces puffiness and redness in the skin.


How many hours will your photographer be there and what will they be there for? If you don’t have unlimited funds for photography, prioritize; are pre-ceremony photos less important to you than reception photos? Do you want hours and hours of portrait time? When you’re picking your package, keep *your* priorities for photography in mind.


The schedule. When will you be walking down the aisle? When you do want us to arrive? What time will you be announced?
The more we know in advance, the more we’re able to capture your day as it happens.


Leave room for the unexpected. Try to leave “wiggle-room” in your schedule in case of traffic (or construction on the 405); you’ll short-change yourself if you schedule things too tightly.


Have an engagement session. It’s the best way to get used to having your photo taken and many photographers offer them as part of their packages! It may seem easy, but having been on both sides of the camera, having your photo taken can be hard work; posing, getting the right angles, holding your body in ways that you’re unaccustomed to…it’s a lot to do! The engagement session is the perfect time to practice- and learn-what you like and what you might not.


If there is something you’re self consciousness about, please tell your photographer!!! We want to make you feel beautiful.


How many photographers will you have? One of favorite photos was of my husband getting ready. I don’t know what about this photo was so touching, but I would never have been able to have it without two photographers.


Do what makes you happy! If you want to wear hot pink shoes, bright feathers in your hair, or sneakers-wear them! You don’t want to look back on your photos and think “awww, I wish I had ______.”