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Holy Angels Church ~ Alhambra Wedding Photographer ~ Angela and Jimmy ~ The Wedding

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Angela and Jimmy planned an incredible wedding-beautiful colors, festive atmosphere, amazing church (it doesn’t hurt to have family connections at Holy Angels Church) and some the sweetest, most supportive family members I’ve ever worked with. From the moment we walked in Angela’s house, everyone was super friendly-her mom even offered us lunch. :-)
They had a huge reception at the Almansor Court with some of the most heartfelt speeches we’ve ever heard-we had a fabulous time! Also, it was great to have Courtney along helping us out for the day!

L.A. Live Engagement Photographer ~ Reanna and Matt ~ The Engagement

Monday, January 30th, 2012

So, recently, I haven’t been blogging a lot of engagement sessions-which is kind of a shame, because they’re one of the best parts of my job. But, DO check out our Facebook page for our engagements and portrait sessions. But this one, I HAD to share. A little back story: A few months before Ian was born, Brian broke his jaw. I don’t mean a tiny little fracture; I mean, busted in multiple places. In fact, I was waiting for him at an engagement session and getting madder and madder by the minute when he didn’t show up because, let’s be honest, despite the name on the door, Brian is the other half of this business. People want to meet him and I love for my brides and grooms to meet him as well.

The reason he didn’t show up? He was playing Gaelic Football with the Wild Geese (thanks, guys) and during the course of the game his jaw made the acquaintance of someone’s knee cap. The knee won. So, as I’m getting angry waiting for Brian, he was driving himself to the ER.

Insert guilt here.

Fast forward a few weeks later: Brian wasn’t able to go to any meetings or sessions because, well, he was kind of scary sounding (and looking). When I met with Matt and Reanna they asked about him and where he was…I told them. I think I even managed to keep a straight face. No, no I probably didn’t, actually.

So, I’m in the meeting with Matt (one of the golf pros at Vista Valencia Golf Course ) and Reanna, and we’re laughing about the injury (these are my people) and the longer and longer I’m talking to them, the more and more I want to work with them. Or, just hang out with them.

Then, they share their engagement story with me. Guys: Matt has set the bar high. Very high.

So, about 20 minutes after our meeting, I’m on the phone with Brian gushing about these two when the other line rings: it was them. Calling to hire us.


This session couldn’t get here fast enough. So, where did we do it? The L.A. Live and the Nokia Theatre, of course: where it all began.

There’s something about this photo I absolutely love. Reanna is laughing at something Matt said; and you know what? We’ll never know what that was.

Dad Miller Golf Course Wedding Photographer ~ Stacy and Eric ~ The Wedding ~

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

I just received the most beautiful note from Stacy the other day which reminded me how much I loved their wedding:

“Dear Karen and Brian.
Thank you so much for being our photographers on our special day! You two were exactly what we wanted in our photographers. We absolutely love our pictures and we have gotten so many compliments on the photography…”

Well, Stacy and Eric, you two were exactly what I hope for in my couples: fun, sweet, and completely trusting. Your wedding was so much fun from beginning, right until the end (and Eric, very impressive balance on some of those photos with your groomsmen). Thank you so much, you two!

Their wedding was held at the Dad Miller Golf Course, formerly known as the Greenside Cafe, and we captured some gorgeous pre-ceremony photos at the Hotel Peppertree (some of my favorite shots of the day were taken in their parking lot of all places! Just goes to show that there can be beautiful backgrounds anywhere.)

Stacy was my first ever bride to request this photo for the ladies. She saw it on my site and had to have it. I have to say: I like it for the girls! A lot!

Hollywood Wedding Photographer ~ Paula and Mike ~ The Wedding ~

Monday, January 2nd, 2012

You know a wedding is going to be good when the Bride tells you, “the location is hard to find, just meet us at the base of the hill and we’ll take you there.” Paula and Mike did for their wedding what Brian and I used to dream of doing-picking an idyllic locaiton and just getting married. No fuss, no drama, no participants…just the two of them, their minister, and us. Afterwards, we went up to the Griffith Observatory where they were filming The Gangster Squad. Although the Observatory and surrounding grounds were closed to the public today, the crew was nice enough to let us on set (and use some of their props as backgrounds) to capture some wedding portraits (those people in the background of some of the photos? Extras in 1940′s period costume).