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Leo Carrillo Engagment Photography ~ Raquel and Richie ~ The Engagement

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

This is how sweet Raquel is: When we met almost a year ago, I mentioned that Brian and I were planning to have a wedding reception in Ireland a few months after our meeting. It was a quick, casual mention and I didn’t say anything else about it…fast forward a year later. Raquel not only remembers that we were planning the reception, but brings us a wedding gift as well. And Richie is just as sweet: right after our meeting, he emails me a photo of the two of them taken when they were about 6 years old and asks me about helping with a surprise gift for Raquel. They have a great story which I’ll share when I blog their wedding. That’s just Raquel and Richie. They’re two of the nicest people you would hope to meet and so sweet; I loved watching them interact with each other-this session made me look forward to their wedding even more! (If that was possible)!

My favorite from the day…