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Why we do what we do ~ My actual wedding photos

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

On our Wedding Wire page we briefly mention our wedding photos but I’ve never really posted any of them. Brian and I had a beautiful ceremony at Temescal Gateway Park in 2009. We had friends and family come from everywhere from Los Angeles to Australia. (And you can see some of the photos from friends and the other photographer on our Facebook). Now, I was lucky…I had a good second photographer for the ceremony and portraits (I hired, literally, a week before the wedding), and a reshoot later (I don’t want to mention who either of these photographers are-I don’t want their great work associated with these photos below).

Brian and I have always treated every wedding like our own; some of our clients are now friends, and we’re lucky to have as many referrals as we do (and it’s always fun catching up with our former clients at these weddings). But no matter how close we are to the couple (and/or their friends or family) we always realize how important your day is to you. For our own wedding, we hired someone I trusted and worked with for years.

Sadly, as you can see below, how we treat others wasn’t reciprocated for us. (BTW: these are a selection of the actual final images sent to us. I could give a laundry list of what was wrong with the others and what was missing, but I think these speak for themselves):

Portraits (34)

Portraits (70)

Pre-Ceremony (121)

Reception (57)

Every wedding is special. Every wedding is a once in a lifetime event and deserves to be treated like one. When I email my clients their post-wedding samples I mean every word I write to them. We know how hard it is to choose a wedding photographer and how much this day means to you…Flowers wilt, meals get finished, dresses get put away, (as important as all these things are) but photos last a lifetime.

Maravilla Gardens Wedding Photographer ~ Maya and Greg ~ The Wedding ~

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

This wedding was a win-win-win all around: Really nice, funny, trusting (I met Maya an hour before the wedding-we did everything online) couple, fabulous bridal party, great team of vendors (DJ Allen Layton, Skiff’s Cakes, and the beautiful Maravilla Gardens)…and:


I can’t tell you how thrilled I was seeing some of my photos on the main page of a venue I love! Thank you! And thank you Maya and Greg for trusting us, and for your sweet (and funny) review-we really appreciate it.

Details, Details, Details! (And a gorgeous couple). We were absolutely spoiled for choice:




From their first look (I LOVE the expression on his face):





This was her mother’s kimono from the 60′s:


And these flowers! So gorgeous (and because the florist is family, it was important to the couple to have as many photos of them as possible. Easy)!