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UCLA Engagement Session ~ Janelle and Alex

Thursday, February 8th, 2018

The first time I met Janelle and Alex (and their adorable furbaby) was at their engagement session at UCLA. I had so much fun with them (and furbaby snuggles are the best)! You would never know we had just met; it was such a joy watching them interact with each other. We went all over the campus utilizing every bit of our beautiful surroundings!






Beach Engagement Photography

Tuesday, February 6th, 2018

(Yes, once again, due to this gorgeous couple’s professions, I’m leaving out details on the blog—but go with me on this one, OMG I LOVED THIS SESSION)!!!

Over the years I found that many of my couples either don’t need, or don’t have time for an engagement session. While an engagement session is always a great way for us to get to know each other; I totally understand when it’s not possible. As an option, we offer an extra hour of photography on your wedding if you don’t do the session that comes with your package. Luckily, these two didn’t take that option. I have never been so happy to risk almost dropping my camera in the ocean as when these two agreed (and were super excited) to get completely soaked! After this session their wedding could not come fast enough!! (And that wedding which is going up later did not disappoint).




UCLA Wedding Photographer ~ Jennifer and Alex ~ The Engagement

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

When a couple tells you that they were engaged at a specific spot (this spot being the “500 Days of Summer” Bench on Angels Knoll in Downtown Los Angeles), there was no other place for their session! Not only was it the perfect day for a session, but that bench, and only that specific bench, was open for them that afternoon! I had so much fun with Jennifer and Alex. If this session was any indication of what their summer UCLA wedding will be like, I’m even more excited for it now than I was when we met! (Which was pretty excited, I have to say). :-)

Fullerton Arboretum Engagement ~ Estrella and Casey

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Normally, we’ve been posting all of our engagement sessions on Facebook, but I really wanted to share this one. I was looking forward to meeting Estrella even before our actual meeting-she was referred by Kelly of the Los Angeles Athletic Club, one of my favorite coordinators ever-and everyone I’ve ever met through her has been SO sweet!!

Estrella was no exception; we chatted for ages before we even started talking about her wedding! And their engagement session was exactly what I tell all my couples-whenever possible, pick a place that means something to you. Since they both went to CSUF, the Arboretum and campus were natural choices for their engagement session.